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One Barn House Plan, 3 Unique Interpretations: Breakfast Room

One Barn House Plan, 3 Unique Interpretations: Breakfast Room

Welcome back to our third installment of One barn House, 3 Unique Interpretations.  Today we’ll take a look at the breakfast rooms of these three home, each located just off the kitchen, also connecting through to the great room.  Our previous two posts on these houses may be viewed by the links EXTERIORS and GREAT ROOMS. As always, I will begin by presenting the gathering house (original barn home) floor plans.  barn house


The Gathering Barn House Floor Plans

As always, in order to have a reference point when viewing the photos of the three interpretations of this barn house, I will begin each post with the floor plans for the original design. The breakfast nook for each of the interpretations has not been altered. PLEASE NOTE: On these plans the breakfast room is named “Greenhouse”.

barn house

The Original Gathering House Floor Plans Level One


barn house

The Gathering House Floor Plans Level Two


The Barn House Breakfast Room Interpretations

As previously stated, the breakfast room has not been altered in any way for these three barn homes.  The only differences may be found in the decor styles chosen for each home. In the photos, you’ll notice immediately how choices in color, cabinetry, flooring, lighting fixtures and paint/stain makes a big difference in the appearance and feel of each room.

barn house

The breakfast room of the original barn home, The Gathering House, as taken with a wide angle lens.


barn house

The breakfast room may be seen in the upper left section of this photo, as seen from the great room of the Arts & Crafts interpretation of these floor plans.


barn house

Here is the Contemporary version of the breakfast room from the same floor plans.


barn house

The same contemporary barn home breakfast room, as seen from the kitchen.


Please check back next week when I’ll take a look at the master bath and dining room areas of these three stunning barn homes!

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