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Iconic Red Barns From Yankee Barn Homes

Iconic Red Barns From Yankee Barn Homes

It’s obvious from our name, Yankee Barn Homes, that we are a company who builds barn homes. In fact, we are a New England-based company that builds gorgeous barn homes. We also build post and beam and panelized homes in many other architectural styles. However, this post is about the iconic red barn; whether it be a home, a carriage house or an actual barn. We create and build these wonderful structures and, in my opinion, we do it in the New England vernacular better than anyone else! I’ve got the proof; take a look. barn homes


Yankee Barn Homes Iconic Red Barns

Now that I have made the bold statement that Yankee Barn Homes’ designs and builds the best for all things red barn-related, I’d best put my money where my mouth is. These barn homes, carriage houses and barns, literally, stand as testimony to my statement.

barn homes
A bucolic red barn home, built to mimic the surrounding barn architecture near Hunter Mountain in upstate New York. This house provides a great city get-away for an outdoor-loving family.


barn homes
This YBH carriage house is located in the Green Mountains of Vermont.


barn homes
A barn style home by YBH built on the shores of Lake Charlevoix, MI.



barn homes
This is a barn style addition used by the owner as her photography studio.


barn homes
This New Hampshire YBH carriage house is home to a pair of empty-nesters.


barn home
This home is actually a series of three barn structures, built by YBH in the Mid-Atlantic area.


barn home
This red barn beauty is located in the rolling hills of Western New York State.


barn home
A cute YBH carriage house on the Delmarva Peninsula, becomes a Christmas tree farm at holiday time.


barn home
This red barn is actually a home addition to the 18th Century cape pictured.


And finally, a red working barn. Check out the beautiful post and beam interior in the photo below.
The post and beam barn interior.


If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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  1. I Love the pictures of the red barns! So Pretty, but you don’t have a picture of my favorite one…..Mine. I just love my Yankee Barn Home!

    1. Hi Laura
      Do we have photos of your YBH? If so, please refresh my memory as to which one. If not, please call the office and find out how to send us a few photos – we’d love to see them, and possibly put one or two in a blog or Facebook post! Thanks!! BeamBabe

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