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The Barn House At Oyster Shores Update

The Barn House at Oyster Shores Update

The barn house at Oyster Shores is flying along. Seriously, I just wrote a post about our new Yankee Barn Home showing photos of the build site and the beginnings of a frame. I’m back to this home so quickly because more pictures have since come in and the home is that much closer to becoming an enclosed structure. Certainly enough so to update those of you following this home. Based on the inquiries coming in on this new expression in home building from Yankee Barn, there are quite a few of you!

barn house

The YBH Tech Department Rendering of The Barn at Oyster Shores


The Barn House at Oyster Shores Enclosed

Since our post ten days ago, the barn house is now completely enclosed. Let’s take a look at the process which occurred over 3 days.

barn house
The wall panels with over-size window panes go up. This will become the front entry.


barn house
The back side of the home gets it’s wall and window panels at the same time.


barn house
Meanwhile, back at the front of the barn house, the ridge beam has gone in and the first roof panel has appeared.


barn house
Watching the roof panels go on is extremely satisfying as they go up so quickly. Usually within a day!


barn house
The interior of the barn home at Oyster Shores is beginning to take shape.


barn home
Looking toward the back of the home, the floor plan begins to reveal itself.


barn homes
Looking up through a two story opening to the lofted ceiling on the second level.


barn homes
Four days later, the barn house at Oyster Shores is completely enclosed. Notice the window wells which will allow for maximum natural light in the lower level guest suite.



Barn House
Completely enclosed. Now it’s ready for roofing….


barn home
…and siding. Let the next phase begin! I can’t wait to see this contemporary barn home completed.


The Barn House at Oyster Shores Floor Plans

I like to include floor plans for these homes as often as possible, even when I’ve included them in past posts. As a reader I like to view everything on one page. The fewer links I have to click through, the better. I thought you might feel the same!

barn homes
Oyster Shores Floor Plan Level 1.


barn house
Oyster Shores Floor Plan Level 2.


If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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