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Building Your Post And Beam Dream

Building Your Post and Beam Dream

Building a post and beam home can be daunting. Heck, building any home can be daunting! It is always a good idea to have a “wish list”; the personal requirements and desires you’re looking for in a home. Along with that list, compile  a hard copy folder and/or an electronic file of home features you like. The more prepared you are, the better off you’ll be as you sit down to design your new home. post and beam


Below are the features we’re seeing on many a client’s “wish list” in today’s post and beam home building market. I would imagine this list reflects what home builders and buyers across the nation are seeing, as well.


Post and Beam Kitchens

What’s In: We’ve discussed this room in many posts, as the kitchen is often the central hub of the house. Not just for meal prep, but often as a gathering place for family at the beginning and end of the day. As such , the kitchen needs space, and plenty of it. Today’s Yankee Barn Homes clients are incorporating high end appliances and over size (or sometimes two) kitchen islands.

post and beam
Room for many people to move about and lots and lots of storage are key in today’s kitchen. High end appliances are popular, as is the over size island.

What’s out: Long, narrow galley kitchens



What’s In: Hard wood flooring; plain and simple! Area rugs and broadloom carpets still appear here and there, but the hardwood of the floor is king. Tile in bath areas are still popular, but more and more,tile and  hard wood vie for the title of “Most Popular” in the kitchen.

post and beam
The hardwood floor in the living room uses a large chevron pattern.

What’s Out: Different flooring in every room, dirty carpeting.


Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces

What’s In: post and beam home builders today are looking to extend their indoor living space to the out of doors. Large, multilevel patios with outdoor cooking areas are one very popular option. Large sliding or French doors are utilized so the outdoor space may be access from different rooms in the house.  Formerly indoor room features, such as fireplaces and TV viewing areas, are not uncommon.

post and beam
A multi level patio extends the length of this post and beam farmhouse, Laurel Hollow, in East Hampton.

What’s Out: Heavy window treatments which obstruct light and views.


Plentiful Bedrooms

What’s In: Most clients want at least three bedrooms; some want more. This makes sense in this day and age where multi generations are often living under the same roof, but requiring separate sleeping quarters. Please see our post on Next Gen Housing for more information. Most families need the space, either for family and/or guests.

post and beam
YBH Laurel Hollow Floor Plans Level 1.
post and beam
YBH Laurel Hollow Floor Plans, Level 2.

What’s Out: A master bedroom which shares a bath with another bedroom.


Open Floor Plans, High Ceilings and Windows Everywhere

What’s In: If you’ve been a newer home recently, you’ll have noticed there is a huge demand for higher or lofted ceilings, an open floor plan with rooms that flow one into another, and walls and walls of windows. Let the light shine in!

post and beam
Whether it’s the family room…


post and beam
…or the bedroom, plenty of uncovered windows and lofted ceilings rule the day.

What’s Out: Low ceilings covered in “popcorn” textures.


Lavish Bathrooms

What’s In: Today’s client wants at least two full bathrooms, one with a whirlpool tub, a walk-in shower and two sinks ( in the master bath).  Plenty of windows which provide for natural lighting and ventilation are also a plus.

post and beam
A spa-like master bath, with all the amenities, is pretty much a standard requirement today.

What’s Out: Tubs which sit in the middle of a large, wasted space with the water spout in the ceiling.

Storage, Storage, Storage

What’s In: Large walk-in closets, often with custom built-in systems. Ample closet space for everything from sporting equipment to holiday decorations and craft supplies.  The more storage space, the better!

post and beam
The built-ins along the upper level hallway of our YBH Shingle Style provides a large amount of storage space.

What’s Out: Tiny closets with white wire shelving systems that yellow and rust.

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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  1. Love the color and design of these cabinets. Would also love to have the color name and paint company who sells this color as we are making some renovations. What is the color of your door hardware.

  2. The kitchen cabinets and pulls are from Crown Point Cabinetry (they use Farrow and Ball paint but I’m sorry, we don’t know the actual color name) and we are not certain what color the homeowner chose for the pulls (they appear to be bronze). We are a home kit-build company, therefore interior finishes are not done by us. They are completed by the homeowner and his/her contractor. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help. Good luck in your home renovation project!

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