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The Barn House At Oyster Shores Goes Up

The Barn House at Oyster Shores Goes Up

The barn house at Oyster Shores is moving along quickly. If you are unfamiliar with our most

recent build project, please see this link for an introduction and floor plan information. Since the first post when Yankee Barn Homes introduced this new expression in barn home design, a great deal of work has already been achieved, both at our plant and on site. Let’s take a look! barn house


Barn House at Our YBH Plant

The panels for the Oyster Shores barn home are already built! Here are photos from last month as they were under construction.

barn houses
The over-size windows are going to be a major attraction for this house.


barn houses
A window and door, framed together in one panel.


barn home
Getting ready for the trip to New York.


Barn House at The Oyster Shores Site

While the barn home was being built back in New Hampshire, the site work on Long Island had begun.  Located in a community named Hampton Waters in the township of East Hampton, the Yankee Barn home will sit on a half acre lot which overlooks Three Mile Harbor, an inlet off of Long Island Sound.

barn home
The tree clearing is done. All that remains is a mound of chips!


barn home
Across the way, Three Mile Harbor will be easily viewed from many rooms in the barn home.


Barn House and Site Begin To Merge

The panels have arrived, the site has been prepped, and look what’s happening now. I am so excited to see what Jeffrey Rosen has up his sleeve for this barn home!

barn home
Remember that window and door panel back at the factory? Here it is in its permanent location.


barn home
This is part of the back side of the home which will face the pool.


barn home
The over-sized windows are going to add some serious “Wow Factor”.


barn home
The barn home front will include an entryway with a large wall of windows flanked by over-sized barn doors.


Please check back in to Post and Beam Living over the next few months. I will be posting regular updates as this barn home progresses.

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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