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Barn Homes Today: What Buyers Want

Barn Homes Today: What Buyers Want

This is the time of year when those of us in the barn homes industry discover the new trends that are “hot” and decidedly “What Buyers What” when building a new home. Based on the winners of the 2013 “Best in American Living” Awards competition, presented by the national Association of Home Builders, today’s buyers are after high quality detailing.  Esthetically pleasing specifics such as Carrera marble counter-tops, extra-large kitchen islands, and compact bathrooms that “live large” and appear more spacious, are but a few of the details buyers are seeking. As addressed in a previous blog post titled Barn House Multipurpose Room, people are after useful spaces and places for storage along with the ability to use rooms for multiple purposes. Rooms used for displaying collections, wine cellars, and outdoor kitchens continue to be popular.

barn homesThis post
and beam outdoor kitchen, located at a Yankee Barn home near Hunter Mountain, NY, is the perfect place for an active family to come together during the summer months.


 Barn Homes Hot Trends

High Tech Lighting: Lighting for mood as well as illuminating rooms, all energy efficient and able to be controlled from anywhere through the use of a smartphone or tablet. Designers are reporting the crystal chandelier is making a come back, as are LED lights. The latter, due to their ability to be placed most anywhere.

Spacious Compact Bathrooms: No longer feeling the need for a bath which rivals the Taj Mahal  in square footage, buyers are seeking baths with a smaller footprint that feel larger due to glass walls or wall removal. These baths are often located between Duel Master Bedrooms, yet another current hot trend.

barn houses
This bath is not large, however, the glass walls create the sense of spaciousness.


Kitchens with “Mega” Islands: Over sized islands are very popular as the kitchen is one of these busiest rooms in the home. People use it as the “hub” of family life both during the busy week and for fun, relaxing occasions on the weekend. The island is also one of the best places to set up the all-important docking/charging station for the entire family’s smartphone, tablets. etc. Entire cabinets are being built into islands specifically for this purpose.

barn houses
This barn home in The Hamptons has a large island for a very active post and beam kitchen.


Ceiling Treatments Which Draw The Eye: Probably you’ve done it; I know I have. Walked into a room and immediately looked up due to a ceiling that pulled your eye to it. Whether it’s a coffered ceiling, a barrel vault of an unusual painting/tiling technique, if it’s up there, people will Oo and ah!

barn homes
A tiled kitchen ceiling in a Yankee Barn Homes shingle style in The Hamptons.


Outdoor Living Spaces: From the front porch to patios, home owners want “useable” living space out their front and back doors; particularly the front.

barn homes
A screened-in front porch on a Yankee Barn in South Carolina provides another “room” for family gatherings or a bit of solitude.
barn homes
A multilevel and multiple access patio is actually a number of outdoor rooms, all interconnecting the house and the pool of this Hamptons Yankee Barn home.


If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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