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At Home In A Barn House

At Home In a Barn House

Living in a barn house is a unique experience. While many homes are beautiful, a barn house is not only beautiful, it is completely unique. I was recently visiting a southern state, marvelous sunshine this time of year and lovely homes, but not always individual in their design. With a post and beam barn house, you will always get the unique and individual, because you design it. From the ground up, the home will be created to suit your every need and desire. Consequently, there is not another one exactly like it, inside or out. While there may be similar characteristics, each Yankee Barn home is a “one-of-a-kind”.

barn house

A former submarine commander had a compass inlay created for his YBH entryway.


Life In A Barn House

To give you an idea of what I mean by every Yankee Barn home is completely different than another, what follows are pictures from various barn house homes we’ve built over the past few years. They are as unique as the people who live in them.

barn house
A step-down dining room is a creative feature in this East Hampton YBH barn house.


barn house
Sleek, contemporary lines define this post and beam kitchen in Michigan.


barn house
A rolling library ladder is an unusual and functional feature in this Rhode Island barn home.


barn house
A Hamptons post and beam master bedroom uses soothing colors and expansive windows to convey a sense of a private oasis.


barn house
This is the interior of the connector which ties a 20th Century post and beam addition to an 18th century cape. The transition is seamless.


barn house
Some people prefer beautifully lofted spaces…
barn home
…while others prefer standard level ceiling heights for a more intimate feel to the space.


barn home
Being “at home in a barn house” comes down to a unique interpretation of who you are and how you live with the things you love. It’s as simple as this!


If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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