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The Barn Home Master Bath

The Barn Home Master Bath

The barn home master bath takes on as many styles as their are owners, however, I’ve discovered most will fall into two categories: the prominent use of white, or the use of a color to define the space. In looking back through photos Yankee Barn Homes has taken over the past several years, the use of color (or lack there of) and the desire to make the space a personal comfort zone are the two features which stand out in each and every picture. barn home


Barn Home Master Bath: Focus on White

The use of white in a barn home master bath is very popular because it works! It is a no-fail formula when it comes to putting this space together. The following photos provide proof of this fact. barn home


barn home
This bath is tucked up under an eave so uses skylights and white to brighten the space.


barn homes
In this bath, a gray to the taupe is combined with the warm tones of the floor tile and the tub surround to off-set the bright whites used in the fixtures and on the trim.



Barn Home Master Bath: Use of Color

A key to using color in a bath is to choose how you’ll use it. It is most often used on walls, the floor or in the fixtures, themselves; but never on all of the afore mentioned.  Even in the largest of baths, a bit of color goes a long way. Notice who these Yankee Barn homeowners chose to highlight color in their master baths.

barn home
This YBH master bath utilizes a pale green applied using a faux technique to mimic grass cloth.


barn home
A sunflower shade of yellow brings warmth and light to this bath in a SC YBH.


barn home
Wood tones and soft beige are used in this YBH mountain style master bath.


barn home
A moderately rich shade of gray is combined with colorful artwork in this VT Yankee Barn farmhouse master bath.


barn home
A bold use of mauve in this contemporary YBH master bath. I LOVE the glassed-in shower “room” to the right in this photo!


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