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Yankee Barn Homes Builds Next Gen Housing

Yankee Barn Homes Builds Next Gen Housing

Yankee Barn Homes is not only “on board” with the Next Gen Housing movement, we’ve actually been building Next Gen housing for some time now! Initially called mother-in-law apartments, they allow multi-generational living under a common roof. Today’s building codes have dictated some changes, such as if a cook-top/stove may be included and, if so, what type. We call these areas “Swing Rooms”, as they may take on several different guises over the course of a family’s tenure in the home.  For anyone watching the NBC Nightly News this last Thursday (12-13-12), you already know what I’m talking about, as they did an excellent piece called “Economics have caused families to come together”. Please see it here.

In case you didn’t catch the news, Next Gen homes are houses we’re building to accommodate the ever changing family of today, while at Yankee Barn Homes maintaining the regional, Made in America appeal of a post and beam Yankee Barn. Planning a separate space that might now be an office suite or storage area with the intention of it becoming your (or your parents) primary living quarters down the road is a very BIG trend and makes a great deal of economic sense. We have one such couple now who have graciously consented to share their story. Bob and Gretchen ARE Next Gen Barn Homes clients today. Here’s their story, complete with their floor plans and renderings of what their new Yankee Barn Homes Next Gen Housing will look like when completed. Thanks, Bob and Gretchen!!

Next Gen Housing

A rendering of Bob and Gretchen’s Next Gen Home from the pool side of the property.


Next Gen Housing: Bob and Gretchen’s Story

Our current clients, Bob and Gretchen, are a couple in their 60’s who are building on Cape Cod. Bob has sold his business but is still working part time, now and again commuting to Boston.  The entire family has vacationed on the cape for years, so the family chose to sell their home and make the cape their full time residence. In today’s world of telecommuting, Bob finds he can stay out on the cape more often as he doesn’t need to be present in Boston with the exception of a day here and there.

Next Gen Housing
The home from the opposite front angle.


next gen housing
The home from the driveway approach.

This is happening all over the country, as people no longer need to live in the city or suburbs of their place of business. They are choosing more bucolic settings within a few hours distance, such as the cape and New England points for Boston, the Hamptons and CT for NYC, and Malibu for LA, etc. This allows complete access for any business they have. In the case of Bob and Gretchen, their family includes one adult married child who visits occasionally, and Gretchen’s parents (Oscar and Doris), who are in their late 80’s.  Oscar and Doris function well, still drive, cook and socialize. Oscar has had some medical issues, so Bob and Gretchen have made the decision to build a new house to accommodate three generations under one roof.  The swing rooms – which will now be Oscar and Doris’ suite – are on the first floor so there is no stair issue, yet the layout allows privacy for all. It has a separate sitting room with kitchenette (no full stove/oven) therefore; the family preps most meals together in the main kitchen. Some days, the grandparents can opt for privacy in their suite should they eat a pre-prepped or no oven required meal.


Next Gen Housing: Bob and Gretchen’s Floor Plans

When Bob and Gretchen met with the staff at Yankee Barn Homes, it was clear they needed a “Next Gen Home”, so plans were quickly put together. With only minor alterations, spaces in this home can sever many different purposes, depending on Bob and Gretchen’s needs at the time.  Here’s how it is laid out for Gretchen’s parents, Oscar and Doris, to have their own personal space while remaining close to the family.

Next gen Home
Bob and Gretchen’s Next Gen Home First Level. Oscar and Doris’ space is on the right, just off the living room.


Next Gen Housing
Bob and Gretchen’s Second Level.



This is just one of several Next Gen Housing plans Yankee Barn Homes has created. Should you be interested in seeing more, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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