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The Beacon Carriage House: A YBH Project Update

The Beacon Carriage House: A YBH Project Update

This carriage house construction project is quite a sight to behold. Begun this past summer by Yankee Barn Homes, it is now well on it’s way to completion. Please join me in taking a look at it’s evolution thus far, it’s truly quite amazing.

carriage house


The Beacon Carriage House

This project, located in Southborough, MA, is great fun for me to watch as I have a personal connection to the building design. These homeowners needed another building to serve as a combination guest house/office space for both working parents and a workshop for the husband. They made a visit to the Yankee Barn Homes offices and factory in Grantham NH and had the opportunity to see my carriage house, The Bennington. From there, they incorporated facets of our design with their plans and the results are stunning. I love it and can’t wait to see it completed! Let’s take a look at what has occurred thus far.

carriage houses
The new post and beam will be located directly across from the home, separated by a courtyard.


carriage house
It’s summer and the foundation for the carriage house is going in.


Carriage Houses
Before long, the YBH trucks have arrived and the post and beam frame and wall panels begin to go up.


carriage house
The progress is now moving quickly. Everyday, there’s something new to see.


carriage barn
Factory constructed wall panels, with insulated windows already installed, are put in place and secured by the construction crew.


carriage house
Stone retaining walls and what will be the garage take shape. The frame on the front of the carriage house is also progressing nicely.


carriage barn
As the frame goes on in the front, notice the back section of the carriage house already has the sub-roof in place.


carriage barn
Within a few days time, the amount of progress is amazing!


carriage barn
This carriage house is going to be a winner! Let’s have a peak inside.


carriage houses
The stairs that lead to the guest quarters and offices.


carriage houses
At the top of the stairs, in what will eventually be the guest quarters living space.


Carriage House
The interior wall which divides the living space from the back “his and her” offices/guest bedrooms.


carriage barn
The post and beam frame in this carriage house is gorgeous!



The Beacon Carriage House Floor Plans

Beacon Carriage House
First Level Work Shop


carriage house
Second Level Guest Space and Home Offices


I can’t wait for more pictures to arrive. I promise to share them as soon as they do. Until then, check back with us often, as this is just one of many on-going projects Yankee Barn Homes has underway right now.

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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  1. An absolutely beautiful design. However, there is no indication that there has been any consideration for storage spaces. While the two rooms are shown as offices and not bedrooms/guestrooms, it would seem that you would at least include space for a linen closet.

  2. I think the linen closets can go anywhere along with pantry, butlers pantry and gym.
    Like very much. What is the square feet of living space not counting the lower garage area and stair well?

    best regards,


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