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A Carriage House Goes Up In 5 Days

A Carriage House Goes Up In 5 Days

This carriage house goes from components and pieces, to a completely enclosed structure in five days.  I’ve purposely left the time stamp on the photos so you may not only watch the progress, but be able to tell how much gets done each day. It’s a fascinating thing to see, in person or by way of pictures. carriage house


Carriage House Construction Day 1

Our five day journey of this carriage house construction begins on March 31st of this year, 2012. The crew is on-site before 6 am and has already begun working. The previous day several panels had been set in place on the newly firm concrete floor so that work could begin early on this sunny morning.

Carriage House
The crew gets to work early making certain the panels are securely in place.


carriage house hybrid
Once the first floor panels are secure, the floor joists go into place.


carriage house
Wow! By 2 pm, look how far along the crew is now. Floor joists are in!


Construction Day 2

barn home
By 8:30 am the next day, the sub-flooring is on and preparations for the post and beam frame’s arrival have begun.


hybrid carriage house
Up on the second level, the post and beam frame begins to arrive.


barn home
The post and beam frame takes shape.


Construction Day 3


carriage house
Another early start and the timber frame is moving right along.


carriage house
Before 10:00 am, the frame is just about finished and wall panels are being prepared to go up.


carriage house
Again, WOW!. By the middle of day 3, not only is the post and beam frame up but the completely insulated wall panels are on!


Construction Day 4


hybrid carriage house
Day 4 finds the YBH factory built, fully insulated roof panels going into place.


barn home
Through the use a a large crane and a knowledgeable crew, the roof goes on smoothly.


Carriage House Hybrid
It won’t be long now!


Construction Day 5

carriage House Hybrid
The roof is on! Let’s take a look inside.


carriage house Hybrid
The garage and storage level is looking nice and dry!


post and beam
While interior finish work remains (the ladder is a hint!), you can already see the living space on the second level is going to be special.


Hybrid carriage house
This is a wonderful interior, even without the wallboard in place!


Carriage House Hybrid
While taken several weeks later, you can see this carriage house continued to make progress. As with all projects, interior finish work takes some time, but all in all, this Yankee barn Homes carriage house went up quickly and efficiently!

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  1. Hi Jeffrey,

    Your website interests me.Are you a designer only? Do you assist in the building? What about materials and costs. Please send me more info. I have property in pa and am thinking about building there.


    1. Hi Cheryl,
      This is actually, Holly – Jeff’s assistant. I’m going to forward on your question to our staff. Jeffrey is our creative director and gets involved in the design phase of projects. You should hear from Jennifer Hastings soon. She can answer all your questions. Please let me know if there’s anything further I might do!

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