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Yankee Barns As Inspiration

Yankee Barns as Inspiration

When building a new home, particularly in the vernacular of Yankee barns, looking for inspiration from existing buildings is a very useful tool. The good news is, in New England and beyond, it’s fairly easy to find a number of varieties on the traditional New England or Yankee barn theme. Whether you get in the car or go on the web to look, you’ll quickly find inspiration.

Yankee Barns

A painting by artist Chip Evans titled Ottauquechee View, as part of the series “Artists for Barns”, a program which raises funds to save the old barns of New England.

Traditional Yankee Barns

These barns are traditional in style. The title in this case, implies they are “Yankee” or “New England” in origin, not specifically designed or constructed by Yankee Barn Homes. However, I can tell you from first hand experience, many of these barns have been used as a jumping off point for YBH clients!

Yankee Barns
This is the West Monitor Barn in Richmond, VT. once a dilapidated building, it has found new lie as a destination wedding and event venue. It is possible to go in this barn and look around, or even better, attend one of the special events held here!


Yankee Barns
This barn is within three miles of the Yankee Barn Homes plant in Grantham, NH. The central focal point of a private community, you can see where the idea of using barns as houses of worship originated.


Yankee Barns
This barn is the epitome of a New England barn. The cupola style, which I call a “Witch’s Hat”, was the inspiration for the cupola on my own barn home.


Yankee Barns
I love the way the little addition of a full shed dormer took this New England barn from ordinary to extraordinary with just a bit of imagination. Well done!


Victorian Yankee Barns

The Victorian barn style came into vogue in the mid to late 1800’s and made its presence felt in New England and elsewhere, particularly in carriage barns.

Yankee Barns
This Victorian barn was recently remodeled into a second home.


Yankee Barns
A Victorian carriage barn on Lake Sunapee, NH was recently remodeled into a lakeside home for one lucky family!


Gambrel Yankee Barns

The term Gambrel refers to the roof style. Constructed to add more head room and space to the second story of a barn, it allows the option for more space to be utilized on the upper levels when choosing this style for a home.

Yankee Barns
This barn uses the gambrel style on both it’s eave walls and its front entrance.


Yankee Barns
While not a barn itself, this cottage’s inspiration was indeed, a gambrel barn very near this home.


Interior Yankee Barns

All I can say here is: the post and beam rules!

Evan Dempsey Photography
This photo, taken by Evan Dempsey Photography, shows the interior of the Richmond, VT, West Monitor Barn.


Yankee Barns
The interior of one of Cellar Door Winery’s barns is beautiful example of the stunning effects achieved when wood and steel are combined for dramatic effect. You may visit this winery and tour the barn as it is their storefront, located in Lincolnville, ME.


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