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Design Talk With Jeffrey Rosen: Outdoor Spaces

Design Talk with Jeffrey Rosen: Outdoor Spaces

This month Jeffrey talks about outdoor spaces. You might think Fall is an odd time to discuss this topic, however, if you’re going to take on an outdoor project, fall is actually the best time to do it. Landscapers’ busy summer schedules are winding down a bit, so they are often able to take on a project  that they couldn’t in the Spring. With that said, let’s hear the tips and ideas Jeffrey has for you on outdoor spaces.


Outdoor Spaces


The Concept

Outdoor spaces today are an extension of the interior floor plan of any house. Outdoor living rooms, kitchens, showers, pools, water features and gardens all create the vibe of home and specifically make it yours. Most of these choices have multi functions and all are considered standard for today’s home.

Outdoor Rooms

Today’s scaled down home can feel twice the size by creating outdoor rooms. Spaces that unfold and beckon, covered for weather protection, or open to the elements; they all say “Come on out”.


A good outdoor spaces plan includes walls, pools, multi level patios, fireplaces or fire pits, water features and space for all types of future gardens.  Materials range from boulders to brick to bluestone.  A range of precast materials add almost limitless choices are readily available. Throw a folly into a tight side yard, or at the far end of the property, to create a focal point that will bring a smile and remove you from your day to day life.



Outdoor Spaces



Gardens, gardens, gardens! Natural or formal, large and small, flowers for cutting, vegetables for eating, alleys for strolling, natural grass to sooth the senses. Your yard can transport you to any destination you choose.

Water Features

Home owners are no longer going with the traditional pool; now they’ve stepped it up several notches. Today’s pools have wide steps to enter, benches for lounging, infinity edges to expand the perception of size, and don’t forget the outdoor shower for a cleansing rinse!  On your grounds, add waterfalls, fountains, or streams so your property provides tranquility, focus and sound protection from nearby neighbors and/or roads.

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