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Barn Houses Are Not Log Homes

Barn Houses Are Not Log Homes

Many see the term “barn houses” and “post and beam” or “timber frame” and think: log home living. This is actually not the case. Log homes tend to be more rustic with a very large amount of wood exposed on the interior. Post and beam homes expose the timber structure on the interior where and when desired, while allowing the option for the warmth of painted and/or plastered walls. The pictures that follow will clear up any misunderstanding regarding the differences between timber frame barn houses and log homes. There are as many different architectural styles built in the post and beam tradition as there are in the regular, or stick-built, form.


Rhode Island Barn House

barn houses

The owner of this gorgeous RI post and beam mimicked parts of her historic Boston home while simultaneously incorporating the beauty of the exposed timber frame. She calls it “Having my cake and eating it, too.”


barn houses

This is the kitchen area of the Yankee Barn shown above. Notice the post & beam structure is enclosed in the kitchen and breakfast room.

barn houses

The same home uses the exposed timber frame in some rooms on the first level and in all areas of the second level.



California Abbey

barn houses

This timber frame wins the award for “Best Alternative Use” for a post & beam. It’s an abbey (read: church) in Southern CA!




England Coastal Lighthouse

barn houses

This YBH home on the northeast Atlantic coast has its own “Lighthouse”.

barn houses

The interior of the “lighthouse” home by Yankee Barn Homes.


Contemporary Farmhouse

barn houses

This Yankee Barn post & beam is in the farmhouse style.


English Cottage

barn houses

This timber frame salutes the English Cottage.


As you can see, barn houses come in many architectural styles, thus allowing them to suit not only the homeowners’ vision, but the surrounding architectural topography as well. Log homes, while beautiful, are more of a “one trick pony” as they are meant for and only look right in very specific settings, i.e. mountains or what we think of as western prairie/plains settings. Click this link, Pictures of Log Homes, to compare these homes with barn houses.

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    1. Thank you, Justina. Until I became involved in the post and beam industry, I had no idea about the differences between a timber frame home and a log home. Therefore, I figured there might be more out there just like me; hence this article! BeamBabe

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