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Yankee Barn Homes Style Options

Yankee Barn Homes Style Options

There are people who see our business name, YANKEE BARN HOMES, and think we build only barn style homes. This could not be further from the truth. If you can imagine it, we can pretty much turn your vision into a reality. We build in many different styles. Take a look at some of the various architectural styles we’ve adapted over the years. Yankee Barn Homes


Barn Homes

One of the nicest features when choosing a “Barn Home” style post and beam structure is the ability to go in a number of different interior decor directions. By its very nature, the barn was originally meant to be a less stylized and more practical building. People who choose a barn style often prefer simplicity to rule the exterior appearance, while choosing from a wide array of interior decor styles. The good news is any decor you like will work, as the interior’s appearance is not necessarily tied to the look of the exterior.

Yankee Barn Homes
Classic New England Barn Style Exterior


Yankee Barn Homes
Contemporary Barn Style Home


Yankee Barn Homes
Contemporary Mid-West Barn Style Home



The Farmhouse style is extremely popular for homes built on larger pieces of property. They rely on exterior features such as the wide farmer’s porch and sections of the home built to look as though they were added over time. It is almost always a structure with a larger foot print. For this style, I’m showing one house from three different angles as I think these photos best exhibit the “added on” look of a farmhouse.

Yankee Barn Homes
Farmhouse Style North Entrance


Yankee Barn
Farmhouse Front Porch.


Yankee Barn
Farmhouse Style Western Exposure


Carriage Houses

 This style of home appeals to those of us who either want to scale down our floor plan while maintaining enough “living” space, or people who are lovers of the Victorian era barn. This style home is also a popular choice for people needing an added guest house and/or a smaller foot print for a second home.

Yankee Barn Homes
A Neo-Victorian Carriage House


Yankee Barn
New England Style Carriage House


Mountain Homes

Yankee Barn Homes is located in the White Mountain State, a.k.a. New Hampshire. It follows that mountain style homes would be a very popular choice for people interested in building in the hills and mountains, with a more rustic feel and a prominent use of timbers and natural elements, such as stone.

Yankee Barn
Mountain Style Entrance


Yankee Barn
Montana Mountain Style


Yankee Barn Homes
Mountain Home Shingle Style


Coastal Homes

This style of home is pretty self-explanatory. However, of all the Yankee Barn home styles, this one has several exterior interpretations based on the home’s geographical location.

Yankee Barn Homes
Turn of the Century Shingle Style Coastal Home


Yankee Barn Homes
South Carolina Style Coastal Home


Yankee Barn Homes
Block Island Modern Coastal Style Home



Yankee Barn Homes has created some very pretty and efficient cottage style homes over the years in a number of different exterior styles. The exciting news here is currently, YBH is developing a new line of cottage style homes. Look for them to debut within the next few months!

Yankee barn home
Cottage in the Arts & Crafts Style


Yankee Barn Homes
Craftsbury Cottage Style


Yankee Barn Homes
Sunapee Cottage Style


…and coming soon, our new line of Cottage Homes from Yankee Barn….

Yankee Barn Homes
New Cottage Line Coming Soon!


If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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  1. I’m interested in learning about your sun room options.
    How much are they per sq.foot or yard ( with or without installation)
    I live in a 1930s white farmhouse in coastal CT. & am thinking of adding a sunroom as an
    Art/design studio.
    15′ x 10 ‘ would be too small.
    Maybe 15′ x 17.5′ or 15′ x 20’ would be better.
    I’m not interested in dark wood.
    I’m interested in white.
    Thx, Annemcch.Hubbard

  2. Hi Anne,

    As the YBH blogger, I’m not aware of the info you need so will pass along your inquiry to our very knowledgeable staff! BeamBabe

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