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Yankee Barn Homes: A Preparation Guide for Building

Yankee Barn Homes has prepared a guide designed to help you plan ahead for how your home, and more specifically your rooms, will be used. Ask yourself the following questions before your first meeting with a planner or home designer. Have your responses written down and take them with you every time you plan and/or meet with your Yankee Barn Homes designer(s) and builder(s). Alter and update your list as necessary. You’ll find the answers to these questions will be an invaluable guide as you get into the process of designing your dream home! Yankee Barn Homes

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Twelve Questions to Address

  • How many people will live here? Are they permanent or occasional occupants and are there special needs associated with any of them?
  • Is this a primary or secondary home? Considerations such as climate control and storage will come into play depending on the answer.
  • What type of kitchen do I want? One that can incorporate friends and family while I cook? What type of space will I need for food storage, dishes, glassware, utensils, cooking equipment, cleaning supplies, garbage? Do I have certain types of appliances in mind? Yankee Barn Homes


  • Do I want a formal dining room? If not, do I want a bar or breakfast nook area and a family style table in the kitchen?
  • Will I entertain here? In what numbers? Assess as carefully as possible as the answer may very well determine the layout of the kitchen, dining and living areas.
  • How many bathrooms do I need? How many will be shared? Are there any special features  or equipment needed/desired such as whirlpool tub, sauna, designer shower, grab bars, extra outlets in the cabinetry, special lighting, ventilation, or child friendly storage and faucets? Yankee Barn Homes
  • How many guest rooms do I need? Where do I want them in proximity to the family bedrooms? Does this affect the placement of bathrooms?


  • Do I want a home office? If so what electrical equipment will be required and where will they be located? Do I need increased electrical sources and Internet access? Do I want this office close to or far from the daily activity of the house?
  • Do I want a media room(s)? Where/how does my family use computers and TVs? Internet access? Note: many homes are now being smart wired and/or providing wireless access throughout the house. Yankee Barn Homes


  • Where do I want the laundry room located? Does my home generate enough laundry to consider multiple washing machines? On what level would I like it (them)? Be sure to consider the space needed for an ironing board, air drying fine washables and hand washing of certain garments as well as laundry room supplies storage.
  • What are my storage requirements? I strongly suggest this is assessed on a room by room basis while also considering special needs such as sports equipment, crafts, sewing, or other hobbies.

Will I have pets? Will I want direct access to a yard or a mudroom? Where will they be fed? Where will items such as litter boxes go? The Boxer Breed



Please let me know if I’ve missed an area of concern and I’ll be happy to address it. Yankee Barn Homes is also available to assist you with any questions/concerns you may have, so please don’t hesitate to contact them at 1-800-258-9786.

Happy Planning!    POST.BEAM. DREAM. YBH Carriage House

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