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A Compact Blue Ridge Mountains Yankee Barn Home Lives Large

In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of western Virginia, ensconced on the side of a mountain is the cutest post and beam home. Built by Yankee Barn Homes and coming in at a conservative 2200 square feet, this timber frame is my latest crush! Blue Ridge Mountains Yankee Barn Home

Yet to be professionally photographed, the pictures shown here are ones sent in by the home owners.  I promise to do my utmost to get interior pictures so we can all see the inside.

In the meantime, I DO have floor plans so at least we’ll see the blue ink version of the interiors. Barn Homes

The side driveway view of this home accentuates its compact size. Smaller should by no means be misconstrued as lacking. This home has all the finer features we’ve come to expect in a Yankee Barn home; in a smaller footprint! Blue Ridge Mountains Yankee Barn Home

Look at the view from the wrap-around deck! The Blue Ridge Mountains may be seen from just about every window and/or deck of this home. Even the drab surroundings of late fall can not lessen the spectacular scenery offered by this site. Wrap-around deck

The picture above shows several things: 1) the beautiful stone veneer on the basement walls; 2) the timber frame architectural accents at the peak of the gable; 3) the beautiful glass solarium dining room area; and 4) the addition of an extended deck off the side of the home. The deck is being extend to incorporate more usable outdoor space as this site is so steep, the topography did not afford a flat yard. Therefore, the homeowners did the next best thing by creating one in the form of a deck!

The floor plans show that although the home is smaller square footage-wise, it has the open and airy feel of a much larger post and beam home. Here is the first floor… Floor Plans Small Timber Frame

… and the second floor. Floor Plans Small Mountain Style Timber Frame Yankee Barn HomesI don’t know about you, but I’m ready to move in!

Mountain Style Post & Beam Yankee Barn Homes

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  1. I built a Mentor Barn 4 years ago to Store my 1967 Pontiac GTO’s, now that I’m almost done with those project’s, I’m deciding to turn into a home.It’s 42′ X 42′, two stories, concrete slap with almost 60 yards of concrete for the floor, my question is the floor sweat’s during the year, what is the best way to solve that? Or If I heat barn to a certain temp. it would probably go away? I enjoy looking at all your project’s, I still have my Grandfather’s 52″ saw blade that he started to straightened before passing away at the dear age of 92. He built Small Saw Mill’s from the Ozark’s in Missouri all the way to Palmer,Alaska years ago. He would also Install new teeth and straightened the blades on various sizes. Any way, Thanks for your Beautiful Barns…..Steve

  2. Hi Steve,
    What a great story about your grandfather – he sounds like many of the folks who work at Yankee Barn Homes – salt of the earth and talented journeymen.
    As far as your barn floor goes, I think you’ll be okay with the cement floor once the barn is heated, as we experienced this very same thing with slightly smaller square footage. Once the building is well sealed and the heat is on, your moisture issue should go away. It absolutely did in our case. Hope this helps and good luck with your project! BeamBabe

  3. Currently, we do not have any professional shots of the interior of this Yankee Barn home. We are working as quickly as possible to get homes photographed. Please check back with us, as we may have new information on photography very soon. Thank you for your inquiry. BeamBabe

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