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…And We’re Back After Hurricane Irene

It’s been a wild stretch of time since Irene blew through here last weekend but things are finally getting back to normal here at Post & Beam Living. It was lights out and water, water everywhere for a while. But things here are fine now, however, our very close friends and neighbors in Vermont are still suffering. Our thoughts are with them as they clean up and rebuild.

I’d like to share some our personal pictures of our little brook during this storm. To say we had class 5 rapids in a raging river would not be overstating it. Our little brook went right over its banks and briefly skirted our teahouse, but no damage done so we are extremely grateful. Here’s the way our little stream looks on a normal late summer day…

…and here’s how it looked last Sunday!



In the picture above, the normal edge of the book bed is far below and to the right of the leaning tree!

Above is our lower back yard where last year at this time, our daughter was married in an outdoor ceremony by the babbling brook…

…and this was where one hundred and thirty-some-odd guests had been seated!

Finally, to make me feel better, here’s what we look like today!


Even our dogs, Deacon and Violet were relieved the storm had passed. Here they are romping in the same location where days eariler several feet of water had been.

Wishing us all light breezes and smooth sailing from here on out!

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