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Barn Homes Are To Die For!

It’s official – I LOVE barns and barn homes.

There’s nothing like rounding the corner or cresting a rise to catch your first sight of a home that just takes your breath away. And nothing does it for me like a majestic post and beam barn. I understand it’s an acquired taste for some, but for those of us who come from New England, or wish we did, the barn is synonymous with all the things we love. Rolling fields, rambling stone walls and the gorgeous colors of four distinct seasons which surround it (five if you count mud season) the barn is a mainstay of life.

Then there’s the structure itself. Proud and magnificent, it stands sentinel with a quiet and assuring authority, as if to say, “All is well here”.

The size can vary as much as the period and style of a barn. The carriage house is as impressive as the larger barn homes; it makes little difference. What is important is knowing the sturdiness of the structure that is immediately visible on the outside is repeated on the inside. The post and beam frame within is an unassuming yet powerfully strong presence.

Whether it’s an addition to a 1700’s period farmhouse, like the one pictured above, or a more modern version of the ceturies old structure like the one below, today’s barn homes convey a strong history of the past while living very much in the present.

All the barn homes pictured here are by Yankee Barn Homes. If you’d like to see more please click the link and visit their website. You’ll be glad you did!

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  1. Wow, those are some beautiful photographs! What an amazing dining area in the second last picture.

    I was so happy to receive your comment on my blog, I decided to return the favour :)

    1. WooHoo, Thanks, Darcy! I love your blog and am so glad you like ours. That dining area is a beautiful post and beam addition to a 1775 cape in the Lakes Region area of New Hampshire.
      Please visit us often!!!

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