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Post and Beam Vaulted Ceilings: A Natural High!

Once you’ve experienced a vaulted or cathedral ceiling, there’s no going back. The open space that leads the eye upward is a guaranteed showstopper. Watch people as they first enter a room with a vaulted ceiling; they’ll immediately look up. They can’t help it as the eye is naturally pulled to the strongest elements of a room first. You need look no further than the banner for this blog – it’s my living room ceiling. Two years of seeing it every day and I never fail to look up when entering the room; those beams and that space are spectacular.

I readily admit I’m biased but, that being said, this space is pretty special and it’s all due to the vaulted ceiling.

As you can see from the picture above, a vaulted ceiling does not need to be an entire second story in height, mine is a story and a half at 14 feet high. Actually, the ceiling doesn’t need to be pitched at all. If you’ve ever seen a coffered ceiling, you know what I’m talking about. It’s all about preference and what look would suit the space best. I just happen to be a big fan of pitched ceilings, as is evidenced again in the design of our post and beam teahouse.

The vaulted ceiling of this teahouse allows the light to be reflected up and out, lending the space both height and openness. Very Zen!

The post and beam structure is a natural fit for a vaulted ceiling. Think of the timber frame as an extremely sturdy and visible skeleton of a home. If you’ve ever been in the upper section or loft of a timber frame barn, you know exactly what I’m getting at. The structure itself is the eye-catching feature and the height of the ceiling makes it all the more spectacular. Making it a focal point is a no-brainer. Post and beam homes have this feature automatically built-in (no additional cost of putting in decorative beams). Should you ever be lucky enough to own a timber frame, be sure to show it off!

The personality a vaulted ceiling takes on is entirely based on the homeowner’s taste and style. For example, take a look at the different styles owners have chosen as means of complimenting their vaulted space.

A full two-story vaulted ceiling gets the star treatment in this seaside great room.

This vaulted space is done in lime-washed beams and a predominance of white to off-set bold strokes of color.

This vaulted great room is finished in rustic stone and wood tones to compliment the homeowner’s love for big game hunting.

This elegant bedroom is one of my personal favorites as I could totally envision myself waking here every morning to this beautiful space.

Should you ever be fortunate enough to live in a home with a vaulted ceiling, be sure to allow it to take center stage. You won’t be sorry!

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