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Faux Finishes: Barn Homes Wear Them Beautifully!

You may already know I live in a carriage house. You may also already know I love looking through magazines and catalogs to check out new trends and the latest “must haves”. The thing I don’t find so appealing  on many of these discoveries is the price tag. For example, I see a great piece of furniture done in a gorgeous French Provincial style/finish, only to find the price tag isn’t nearly so “provincial”. What’s a girl to do? If you’re like me; you find a way to “fake it”! It may take a bit more work and time, but the price tag is far more appealing and the sense of accomplishment feels terrific!

A cabinet door done in a faux finish using glazing to give it an antique appearance.

In decorating a barn home you have a great deal of leeway. One room might have a mountain rustic feel while the kitchen might be a nod to the Tuscan style, while yet another room could resemble a Restoration Hardware showroom. In another house this could become a mish-mash of looks but with a beautiful timber frame as your back drop you’ll be able to tie these disparate looks together seamlessly.

My carriage house uses faux painting techniques everywhere. From the kitchen cabinets to the look of Venetian plaster on the walls to making some of the metal brackets used in tying the beams together look like wood, faux finishes were utilized. My bookcases were also faux finished to give them an aged European look.

But how to achieve these looks without breaking the bank?  Other than spending quite a bit on a high-end decorator you might be left wishing for a look that you believe is out of reach.  But take heart! If you’re willing to put in a bit of time and elbow grease, then drag out your old clothes and “Do It Yourself”. There are a number a good resources on the web for faux finishing How-Tos that take you step-by-step, or if you’re inclined to spend a bit of money you can’t beat the finishes Ralph Lauren has to offer for all types faux effects. They may cost a bit more than if you did it from scratch but the time saved and the final result makes it a viable option for many!

Ralph Lauren has both finishes, such as suede…

…and faux techniques such as Denim, that are truly fabulous!

If you’re into doing it yourself from scratch, check out Do It Yourself for information on how to faux just about anything or a great new find of mine called How To Faux Finish. These two sites are quite comprehensive so you should be able to find directions on how to do just about any faux finish project.

The Do It Yourself – Faux Finish website covers a large variety of how to’s for walls, furniture and just about anything else you can paint or re-finish.

On the How To Faux Finish website, you’ll be given a comprehensive tutorial on everything from prepping the room/piece to be finished to supplies you’ll need to thorough step by step directions.

Please join me after the jump for more examples of faux finishes for the post and beam home.

What follows are just a few great faux painting techniques I’ve seen used with fantastic results. I’m thinking striped walls may be in my future!

I LOVE these walls! A little bit linen, a little bit Venetian plaster, a whole lot of panache!

This is great! The look of an antique interior log wall all done with paint.

Stripes done in a metallic paint for that extra punch of pizzazz.

Beautiful stenciling over a ragged wall.

Painting a faux sky on either the ceiling or the wall is a popular motif.

Marbling is a tried and true faux finish for walls, floors or countertops.

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