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Post & Beam Kitchens Go Glam

Say “good-bye” to the post and beam kitchen of old; a room tucked away in the back of the house meant for food preparation. Today’s kitchens are the hub of family activity; they provide not only the function of utility but more importantly,the place family meets in the morning before heading out the door and again in the evening as everyone reconnects after a busy day. Hence the kitchen has expanded to become a warm and comforting place that typifies today’s sense of “family”. In its new role as family room, the kitchen has stepped out of the utilitarian shadows and into the world of “decor”. Large or small, white or colorful, today’s post & beam kitchen exudes Glam!

This kitchen combines past and present beautifully. The warm beams, brick and use of white are a nod to the past while its spaciousness, stainless steel appliances and Wow factor are proof this kitchen exists in the here and now.

The next kitchen is actually the one from my previous post An Open Air Barn In The Catskills – WOW! This house is truly amazing and the kitchen holds up its end of the bargain.

The fun begins in this kitchen with the reproduction stove and the beautiful granite farmhouse sink.

There is more than enough room for the entire family to be involved in kitchen activities.

At the opposite end of the kitchen, the dining table awaits the family.

Warm wood tones and a fabulous shade of gray allows this new farm-house post & beam kitchen to blur the line between yesteryear and today.

I love this post & beam kitchen. Contemporary, bright, cheerful and functional; this kitchen has it all!

The use of rich mahogany tones and deep black in a kitchen might make one think twice. Not these homeowners; this kitchen totally rocks the look!!

I love this post & beam kitchen located on an island off the coast of South Carolina. Everything here is for comfort, fun and ease of use.

The same South Carolina kitchen as seen from the opposite end of the room. Large areas for the entire family to convene were crucial in the planning of this kitchen.

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