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My Post & Beam Tea House

As spring nears and the snow is finally melting here in northern New England, I find myself gazing out the window at our tea house. What is it about a separate “room” unto itself sitting in the middle of a woodland garden that beckons? Gee…I wonder! 



First, let me begin by showing you what our tea house looks like in winter.Yankee Barn Homes Teahouse  

Beautiful, isn’t it? But not a place to linger when it’s 15 degrees above zero.  
Now allow me to show you what happens once the snow melts and spring arrives.Tea house  
As the snow melts, the ground and hibernating plants are revealed.YBH Tea House Zen Garden  
Within weeks of the snowmelt, bulbs shoot up, new mulch is laid down and green leaves begin to emerge. To say its gorgeous is an understatement.Post & Beam Living Garden  

Are you beginning to understand why this separate room in the woods calls to me? 

Yankee Barn Homes Tea House Inside the tea house is space to use for yoga, tai chi, reading or doing nothing at all (the latter being my husband’s personal favorite). Notice my dog, Deacon, prefers to stare out the sliding doors at the brook.

Spring garden

The pathway leading to the tea house is an experience unto itself!Alium

As I stand at my window now that winter has past and spring is just around the corner, it’s no wonder I gaze longingly toward the tea house. I CAN NOT WAIT to get out there!

If you’d like to see more of the tea house and/or the surrounding gardens, please check out My place to do anything…or nothing at all and My Carriage House Gardens: The Zen Garden.


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