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A Post and Beam Barn Home In New England

I have to admit, when I first heard I was going to be involved in a photo shoot for a new barn home filled with all kinds of technological wizardry, I wasn’t overly excited as technology is not my thing. 



An exterior shot of the recently built post and beam barn home.


However upon meeting the home owners (two PhDs in mathematics who teach at prestigious New England colleges) and seeing their barn home, I quickly changed my mind. I discovered their post and beam held great interest for me and it had nothing to do with the technology.

The breakfast nook is filled with light.


As it turned out, this barn home was a light filled symphony of exotic woods and gorgeous stone as well as an excellent example of a floor plan which utilized a center great room. 



The great room of this post and beam is the hub of the home.


For those of you less familiar with the lingo; a center great room is located in the middle of the structure instead of the usual placement on a gabled end of the building. The owners did this to accommodate the building site as well as take advantage of lake and mountain views.

The kitchen in this home is a cook’s dream!


Just off the kitchen, there is more beautiful wood to be found in the dining area.


The theme of bright light and warm wood tones established on the main floor continues upstairs in the more private loft sitting room.


Hmm…do you think maybe those mathematics degrees came into play during the planning of this home? At the very least, this showstopper of a house was the product of some very thoughtful and creative minds!



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  1. We are sending this plan to our dear friend-its great! Thanks for saying you love the herbs, they are a true labor of love.

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