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The Timber Frame Goes French Ooh-La-La!

I’m back from Quebec City. Wow! First, let me say should you ever get the chance to visit this wonderful city, do not pass it up; you will be well rewarded. There is literally something for everyone there. Art and culture abounds and if you’re one for the night-life, this city fits the bill.  Though you might think differently, the time of year doesn’t really matter all that much either; there’s always something going on.

Le Chateau Frontenac sits on a bluff that looks out over the St Lawrence River. There is a wonderful boardwalk that spans the distance between the hotel and The Citadel.

Inside the hotel was decorated for the holiday season. It was like walking through a Christmas movie set!

Checking in at this hotel is an architectural experience!

As you may already know, I stayed at Le Chateau Frontenac. Again, I have to say Wow! This place is amazing. The history in this building alone could take days to examine; as a matter of fact you can take a tour if you so choose. My husband and I passed by (and shadowed for a time) a school group learning about the building. It was fascinating but the city beckoned, so out we went.

Out the doors of the Frontenac await boutiques, cathedrals and wonderful French restaurants.

My task was to find examples of old post and beam and let me tell you, I hit the jackpot. Literally all the old granite and stone buildings used timber frames as their skeletal structure and you could see evidence of those beautiful beams in just about every building you entered. I had a field day – especially as I rounded a corner and came upon a huge mural painted on the side of a three-story stone building. This mural brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “Every home has stories”. This one wore its stories on its exterior for all the world to see.

I hit the ‘mother-load’ when I found this mural.

Notice the painted on ‘wood’ in the upper right of this picture.

Check back soon as I’m far from finished with the great examples of French post and beam structures. More will definitely follow in a day or two, so stay tuned…

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