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Interior Paint Colors for the Timber Frame Home – Part 2

As promised in my post on October 13th, this post will recommend paint colors to use in post and beam bedrooms and baths.

As always, the main consideration when choosing color for a timber frame home is to accentuate and compliment the architectural structure. But not to worry as it’s not rocket science. If it’s a good color, it’s going to look great in a post and beam structure. Trust me.

For the bedroom there are several ways to go. If you like a soft subtle glow to your space, I suggest Benjamin Moore’s QUEEN ANNE PINK HC-60. Don’t let the word pink throw you off. While it is technically a pink, it’s the color of time-worn ballet slippers; really almost a taupe. It looks wonderful with gilt frames, antique furniture and classic bedding.

Should you choose to go a bit deeper in tone while staying with a warm rosy hue, I suggest Benjamin Moore’s CHIPENDALE ROSETONEHC-70.

Timber Frame Master Bedroom

This post and beam master bedroom uses Benjamin Moore’s Chippendale Rosetone to create cozy warmth.

Staying with subtle but leaning toward green, I like Farrow & Ball’s PALE HOUND 71.

Post and Beam Bedroom

This bedroom uses Farrow & Ball’s Pale Hound.

For a sun-drenched bedroom, I love the color VAN BUREN BROWN HC-70 by Benjamin Moore. This deep tobacco brown gives a room depth and character. Be daring and compliment those beams of your timber frame in a true white and you’ll increase the WOW factor ten-fold!

Yankee Barn Model House Master Bedroom

Van Buren Brown by Benjamin Moore provides a great alternative to softer hues when used in a light filled bedroom.

The bath is a great place to indulge and pamper your innermost self in colors that refresh while they soothe. To this end, I love Benjamin Moore’s ELEPHANT TUSK OC-8, a spa inspired warm whiteor C2’s BELLA DONNA, a sophisticated smoky lavender-gray.

Timber Frame Master Bath by Yankee Barn Homes

Elephant Tusk is a warm white that looks fantastic with the beams of a timber frame home.

Post and Beam Master Bath by Yankee Barn Homes

Bella Donna by C2 is a sexy, sophisticated neutral – definitely intended for a child-free zone!

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  1. Thank you so much for this amazing information. Your tips on interior paint color are just what I have been looking for, as I am paint shopping for our newly built and freshly plastered post and beam home. I have struggled to find internet-based resources that take into account post and beam design. Thank you and please keep sharing your great color suggestions.

  2. You are most welcome. The staff here is quite good at knowing paint colors and what colors will work in different lighting to provide various moods. Should you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me!
    Happy painting,

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