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PostandBeamLiving.Com Staff

Just in case you think we might be a bunch of “do-nothings” around here, I want to assure you (with photographic proof) that we do indeed, work very hard at PostandBeamLiving.Com. We make every effort and take every opportunity to have high level meetings each and every day! We believe our excellent blog to be indisputable proof. Don’t you?

A PostandBeam Living.Com Staff Meeting.

A PostandBeamLiving.Com Staff Meeting.

Upper level management teaches a senior staff member a new office procedure: tennis ball retreval.

Upper level management teaches senior staff a new office procedure for tennis ball retrieval.

PostandBeamLiving staff "Survival Retreat Weekend" - Life vests optional.

PostandBeamLiving staff "Survival Retreat Weekend" - life vests optional.

A senior staff member has a serious discusion with the newest junior staff member.

A senior staff member has a serious discussion with the newest junior staff.

A junior staff member.

Junior staff member survives his first day!

This post was written for China, our first and definitely our smartest Boxer.  In loving memory.

Our beautiful "China Girl".

Our beautiful "China Girl".

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