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Timber Frame Barns: An American Icon

Quick; think of one structure every state in the country has in common. You guessed it (probably because I gave away the answer in the title), The Timber Frame Barn. They may have their own details indigenous to a geographical location, but the ties that bind all barns together begin in their bones with the timbers that comprise the frame. Barnmakers Barn

Timber Frame Barn

Historically, barns have meant housing livestock. Today barns house everything from cows to cars to basketball courts! They may come in many sizes, but the great thing about them is all barns are immediately recognizable. They are the working member of the family compound and it’s just in the past hundred-plus years we’ve become interested in them for their architectural appeal.  Post & Beam Barn

Neo-Victorian Barn

VT Timber Frame

That being said, we certainly made up for lost time. Today the barn has almost as many architectural elements as many homes. Mind you, their first order of business is still to be “a working building” but since the Victorian era, we’ve obviously decided they’re going to look darn good while doing so! These barns certainly fit the bill nicely.  Three Barns

Timber Frame Garage

New England Barn

Timber Frame Maine Barn

Yankee Barn Homes Barn

Timber Frame VT Barn

Completed VT Timber Frame

RI Post & Beam Barn

Yankee Barn Homes Timber Frame Barn

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