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Hybrid Timber Frames

Have you ever heard of hybrid timber frames?  They are a good option when you want to reduce the amount of timbers when designing your dream home.  At Yankee Barn Homes, we occasionally meet clients who love the look of post and beam homes but wonder if it is possible to use less timbers.  It is an easy design modification but I first need to understand what they want to accomplish with less timbers. Yankee Barn Homes Hybrid

If a client is looking to use less timbers to save money, then I will work with them to design a house that still maintains the full timber frame in the main public areas but has less or none in areas such bedrooms and connectors.  It’s an interesting balancing act to design the house and when done well you barely notice that the house has a hybrid timber frame and the client saved a significant amount of money.  Yankee Barn Homes

Some clients want to reduce the amount of timber frame for aesthetic reasons.  It’s a great way to compromise when one spouse wants a post and beam look but the other finds it too heavy in appearance.  The hybrid design can have 50% less timbers which satisfies both parties.  Most of the timbers along the exterior walls can be removed without compromising the design.  A wonderful option is to include a v-groove ceiling to add visual warmth and texture. Yankee Barn Model Home

So be creative and look into the hybrid timber frame designs.  It may be just the right design for you and you could save some money which is always exciting!

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