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The Timber Frame Goes Modern

Visuals that come to mind when imagining a timber frame are often typical – the log cabin in the woods. While this is understandable, it is not the only style suitable for a post and beam home. Quite the contrary as a post and beam home can be any style you choose. The timber frame lends itself beautifully to the clean lines and spare look of a modern décor. Modern Post & Beam

Timber Frame Modern Interior

This particular home has some very unique elements to get the exact look the owners were after. Both the husband and the wife were very taken with the old style glass and metal framed doors often seen on gas stations of the 1950’s and 60’s. This look ultimately became their front entrance. Modern Exterior Door

The wife, an artist and sculptor, envisioned her studio and office in a setting that was both close to the center of the home’s activity (she has young children) while separated from the house for the purpose of her work. Her solution was a clever silo, complete with corrugated aluminum siding on its interior walls. Her studio is on the upper level while the bottom portion of the silo is the kitchen area. Home Silo Interior

Modern Kitchen

The “cantilevered” look of the interior upper deck has clean lines and a modern feel thanks to polished steel rails and bleached cement floors. Cantilevered Interior Deck

Another clever feature is the “pivoting wall” that separates the communal living space from the private master bedroom suite. Notice in the following two pictures how the home owners employ it so as not to break the clean lines of the great room wall. Interior Pivoting Wall

Closed Interior Pivot Wall

In the master bedroom the suspended ceiling allows for defused lighting, creating a softer and more intimate feeling of private space. Modern Post & Beam Bedroom

Modern Master Bath

The round shape of the silo allows the cylindrical concept to be carried over to the home owners outdoor living space. An al fresco living room and dining area have been incorporated just off the kitchen. al fresco living

Unique approach to the timber frame structure

Hopefully, I have dispelled the idea that post and beam limits the look of your home. The truth is timber frames allow home owners to use their creativity in ways that might not suit a traditional structure.

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  1. Dear Beambabe, this is a great example for a research paper that I’m doing. Do you mind providing me with the name of the architect/ designer and the location of the house?

  2. Hi Erin,
    The home was designed and built by Yankee Barn Homes and is located somewhere in Connecticut but I don’t know where, as the owners requested Yankee Barn keep their name and location private when using photos of their home.
    Good luck with your research paper! BeamBabe

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