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It’s True, Green is the New Black!

Building green isn’t just about catch phrases like carbon footprint, energy star rating and using expensive trendy flooring like bamboo.  It’s not about labels and trademarks, but creating a healthier environment for ourselves and our family and friends to enjoy.  Unhealthy chemicals are all around us.  They are in everything we touch, breath, and sleep on. Chemicals are emitted from all sorts of things in our daily lives such as carpeting, paint, insulation, even in the wood we use to build our house key


Below are 6 things you might do to create a healthier environment in your post and beam home.


  1. Consider wood floors made from sustainable wood instead of carpeting, which emits chemicals.  Here are two flooring options that are alternatives to bamboo: cork and marmolieum.


  2.  Use no or low VOC (volatile organic chemicals) paints.

       Read about Sherwin Williams’ new line-GreenSure:


   3.  Choose a healthy alternative to fiberglass insulation:


   4.  Get a healthy night’s sleep on an organic mattress:


   5.  Choose cleaning products with no caustic chemicals:


   6.  Fill your spaces with live plants and you’ll purify your air.




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