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I’m Not Getting Any Younger…

The other day I asked a friend of mine what would be important to her should she design a house at this stage of her life. Her response was so funny I asked her to write it down. Here she is in her own words:


“First, I feel that I must admit something: the whole process of designing a home mystifies me.  Really, it does!  There are so many things that one would have to think about, however if I had to narrow it down these are Top Five Things to Consider if I were to design my home tomorrow.”


My post & beam dream!

My post & beam dream!






1-I am not getting any younger.  How much longer will I want to carry the laundry up and down the stairs?  Can I get my husband to do it for me?  Since that isn’t likely, I would put the laundry next to the bathroom.  Those wet towels get pretty heavy.


2-As I age, the sound of running water does funny things to me.  Why does the powder room have to be near the front door? Because when I come in I am always in a state.  Therefore, the bathroom needs to be close to both the entry and the kitchen.  Keep the furniture and the island out of the way.  When I am in my 70’s I don’t want to be breaking a hip trying to vault over obstacles!


3-Climbing in and out of tubs is a drag.  Do I really need a Jacuzzi? Truth is, by the time I have the time to soak in one I’ll need a nurse to lift me in and out of the thing.  I would rather hire a really good looking nurse and try to talk him into showering with me!

My nurse, Jean Paul!!

My nurse, Jean Paul!!

4- When my children leave, do I really want them to move back in?  I may not survive their teens, so why continue to torture myself!  I will, however, want plenty of room for the grandbabies.  Okay, in thinking this through, I do need at least one other bedroom.


5-What would I take with me?  There are some pieces of furniture and other items I have collected over the years that I won’t part with while others I’d like to throw into a bonfire.  My husband is a collector of stuff.  How much do I want to keep rearranging to make a path through the clutter? Might be time for a yard sale!

yard sale

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