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Oo-La-La: Post and Beam Meets the Louis’ (XIV, XV, and XVI)

I must confess: I’ve not always been a fan of the boys and their over the top opulence. But you know what they say about those who come late to something. I’m so pathetic; I decorated my home without consciously realizing I was totally creating a Louis XVI French Country Look. How sad is that?

This chandelier in my Carriage Barn is made from vintage wine casks

This chandelier in my Carriage Barn is made from vintage wine casks

The beauty of the post and beam structure is it can accommodate just about any décor – even the Louis’! Go with your gut and dare to take a few risks. If it doesn’t work or look right, throw in a bold color and a petite chandelier in an unexpected place. BE ADVENTUROUS! A little gilt, a few Rococo pieces and, if you’re a fan of Louis XVI, some bleached wood furniture with straight legs for that more rustic look and you’ll be on your way….

Here are some great ideas and resources for how the French Country Look may be been incorporated into post and beam homes.  Oo-La-La!!!!!!

Awesome chair from Wisteria

Awesome chair from Wisteria

Some of my personal favorites for French Décor and Accessories: (a local favorite of mine)

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