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Do I Really Need Four Bedrooms?


A really cute "Not So Big" post & beam house

A really cute “Not So Big” post & beam house

It seems that everyday, all day, we are hearing about this tough economic climate and how we should conserve.  Last night, I ran across my dog-tattered copy of a remarkable design book, The Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka, which discusses simplifying and reducing the size of your new house (  If you haven’t discovered this book yet, I highly recommend it.  Essentially, this talented architect feels people can reduce the size of their future house by one third and still have everything they really want and need.  This seems to hit home today.

Ask yourself what really matters.  What is really important to me? How large a house do I need for my friends and family to visit?  Do I really need four bedrooms just in case the future grandkids stay for the weekend?  And let’s not forget about the formal dining room we only use a few times year…what a dust collector!


In order to simplify, we need to start with the design of the house.  Grab a copy of her book and learn how to live well…in a smaller home.

Perfect size stone wall for the perfect little house!

Perfect stone wall for the perfect little house!

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